C40 - Change requests (if I may)

User interface

  • Forward gear selection should be "push forward" and the reverse gear should be "pull back". Why is this inverted ?
  • Setting time interval to the vehicle ahead. It would be more logical to me to have the increase of the distance at the top and to decrease at the bottom. I believe the current semantic is : push above = get closer ; push bottom = slow down = increase distance
  • Pilot assist : sometimes the steering wheel is resisting too much my pressure to correct the direction.
  • When the Pilot Assist disconnects (as it gets confused) and displays an error message, Volvo should collect the car data as I could not identify the reasons for the disconnection. Volvo should then analyze the data to improve the system.
  • On the freeway, sometimes the car slows down behind a slower car so gradually that I do not feel  the deceleration. I would like that when the car slows down that this is indicated, for example by flashing the speed display.
  • I would like to have a button (e.g. one of the arrows (< or >)  on the left control with which I can switch between Pilot Assist (lane keeping and speed control) and speed control only.
  • The position of the front and reer cameras should be better documented. 
  • Issues with speech recognition : contacts (e. G. many Markus). Not a Volvo issue. 

I would like a split screen : a smaller display part to display for example radio station or Poweramp information.

Speech recognition : one should be able to change the language to be recognized or be able to spell a name (when trying to call a contact)




Notes perso

il faudrait aussi changer la loi pour les feux de jour pour qu'il soit au minimum 50 cm voir 70 cm de hauteur

VOLVO Hauterive : echanger rack pour le toit avec le dégat. Support de téléphone