10 days visit of South Sweden

18th to 29th of October 2018

We flew to Copenhagen and then took the train to Helsingborg (a lager city with a very busy ferry harbor) and then to Bjuv, a small town which is 15 min to the east from Helsingborg.

Visit of Helsingborg

Day trip to Copenhagen
Return through Malmö, Lund without stop, by train

October 20, 9 AM until 7:45 PM - 170 km by train, 7 km walking

We took the ferry to Elsingor and then the train to Copenhagen. We visited the Kastellet (1664) on our first stop.

and walked direction of the city center (funny delivery bike). It was rather cold. We watched the changing of the guards at the Amalienborg Palace (the Royal residence), Frederik's Church (interesting leave decorations), Admiral Hotel (former storage of corn), the canals (a cold boat trip, we saw the back of the little mermaid) and the Rosenborg Castle

Day trip to Malmö

21.10.2018, 155 km by train, 6 km walking)

Old houses from the 15th century

Visit of Helsingor

22 Oct. visit of the city and the  Kronborg castle where Hamlet was set.

Drive to Lund, Trelleborg and Ystad

23 oct. We rented a car. 300 km driving, 

Lund, the cathedral with its astronimal clock and the view on the Øresund Bridge with strong wind.

Trelleborg (water tower, wiking fortress (900 AC) and Ystad at night.

Trip to Gothenburg and to Stockolm

24 oct. We rented a car and drove to  Göteborg and then on to Stokholm (1 night in Ljungsbro and 2 nights in Stokholm)

Gothenburg, Opera, the Viking 

We used the ferries to visit the Göta River shores.

Drive from Stockholm to Bjuv

27 Oct. 530 km. Drive back from Stockolm, stop in Jönköping (the long Vettäm Lake), to Bjuv. Snow in the morning, SAAB country (and Scania and husqvarna), impressive campuses.

28 Oct. Drive to archaeological sites (south, Skäne country); Dolmen 

Örenäsganggriften, a tumulus and its chamber  and Skegriedösen dolmen (5'000 years old).


Viking sites (Trelleborg fortress and Ale's Stone)

A funny story: Harald Gormson Blatand (= blue tooth) and a not so funny one:
long wait in Basel at the passport control.