Global warming - noted changes

Medicanes are now much more frequent and more dramatic.

Corsica : Oct. 18 2022 - 100 knots wind in a few minutes lasting an hour (local storm). Many boats destroyed.

Croatia :  gentle sea breezes and land breezes (8-12 knots) that we had in 2009 are not the norm anymore. In 2021, we had 15 to 20 knots (2021) of sea breeze, stormy weather in one summer week.

Lake Neuchatel : we used (in the 90s) to have a nice evening breeze (a land breeze of about 15 knots, rarely 20 knots, in June, July and early August), called le Joran  (N or NW).  Since about 2020, the N-NW wind is much stronger, 25-30 knots, and lasts longer. Not to be confused by the Joran (also NW) generated by a sudden storm (Cumulo Nimbus) which can blow over 35 knots.

Hurricanes are much stronger (Ian in Florida in Sept. 2022, never seen such devastation)