Scholars of pre-human time periods typically use the well-defined geologic record and its internationally defined stratum base within the geologic time scale.

Prehistory is the longest period in the history of mankind, throughout of which writing was still unknown. It is divided in three archeological periods: Stone Age (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Eneolithic)Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Salient archeological artefacts and findings

Parietal art

  • Löwenmensch [35'000-45'000], Aurignacian, Ulm Museum
  • Hamagia Culture: statue of the Thinker and The sitting Woman 4'000-4'500 BC, found near Cernavoda. Now in the Muzeul National de Istorie a Romaniei, Bucuresti .
  • Cucuteni artefacts
  • Petit-Chasseur (tbd)
  • Ötzi (tbd)


Löwenmensch, taken in 2016 in Ulm.

The Thinker and The sitting woman (2019 in Bucaresti), unbelievable art, 6000 years old.

Cucuteni (c. 5500 to 2750 BC, Wikipedia)

I find these archeological finds amazing (these are mostly from the oldest period - 5500-4000 BC).

The duration of the culture and the artistic quality of the pottery is just amazing.