From Iași to Romanian Border

Day 17, Fri 7.9

In Iasi: Taxi: 3km/40 mn. Walked 2.7km/25mn then drove 107km/2h55. 


Visited churches downtown Iasi, Palace of Culture (large building),

Drove to Tibanesti, not always god roads, we had to ask which was drivable. Roman Plaza (super hotel) and Puiu&


Excellent hotel with spa.

Day 18, Sat 8.9

232km/4h. Walked 1.2km/15mn. Taxi 1.5km/5mn.

Roman, visit of a heroes Mausoleum (14-18), Galati (on the Danube), meet with friends.

Mausoleum of Mărășești. An impressive memorial for the soldiers of the 1rst world war fought in Romania.

Views of Galati (Danube) . I am not yet member of the Club.

Day 19, Sun 9.9. Galati to Constanta

190km/3h30. Taxi : 6km/20mn. Walk 700m/15mn

Muzeului de Istorie, then ferry to cross the Danube, fun. Shopping in Constanta, we could use a small apartment that was very generously provided by Ludmila.

Ferries to cross the Danube. Braia, Road to Constanta and a few (we've taken many during our earlier trips) picts of the city. 

Picture to give an idea of the city. Traffic is intense, busy but drivers read well moves and anticipate collision courses.

Day 23, Thu 13.9

230km/3h Good freeway to Bucaresti. Taxi 11.5/45mn. Walked 4 km/40mn

Fountains in Bucarest: video1, video2, video3, video4, video5

Day 28, Tue 18.9

Bucaresti to Ramnicu Valsea. 230km/4h. Pensiunea Malia. Nice.

We drop a friend in Cartierul Solar then head for the Cintura and the freeway to Pitesti. Before we got to the freeway we had to stop because of a terrible frontal collision. Local villagers are helping. We drive back and find another road to the freeway. We choose to drive through Curtea de Arges to avoid a road with lots of traffic. I’ve been in Curtea 2 times previously. Rn. Valsea 5 times.

Day 29, Wed. 19.9.

We drove with Tamara’s aunt to check on her properties, land and a summer house on the left bank of the Olt.

Day 31, Thu. 21.9. Rm. Valcea to Slavonski Brod


Beautiful drive along the Danube (we crossed it over a large dam), a few stops, then Belgrade, citadel (poorly restored) then drive to and on the freeway, found a very nice apartment on the 3rd floor using booking in Slavonski Brod: Villa Lucia. OK restaurant (without cake and candles 😉)



Day 32. Sat. 22.09.2018. Slavonski Brod to Flachau

554 km/6h 3.5km/1h 

First stop Zagreb, cool and a bit humid, nice old town. Then on to Ljubljana, took the cable car to the citadel, the 3 bridges and a very nice old town. Cool and humid too. Then found a very nice hotel in Flachau.

Day 33. Sun 23.9.2018. Flachau to Ins.


We planned to stop in Munich but we heard on the radio, besides a couple of traffic jams that there was the Oktoberfest. We decided to drive on. We stopped in a small camping Weiss in Bregenz (with very nice people) . Near ZH and Bern, 2 collisions on the freeway with 1 hour wait.