Visit to Romania 2019

airplane and car rental

Sept. 24. I flew to Bucaresti where T. waited for me. We then rented a Renault Capture and drove to Coca's house in Bucaresti. It is easy with a good Navigator software (and cheap Internet access (SIM card)).


Sept. 25: we visited the history museum, such an amazing collection. And walked in the old town.


Sept. 26. More of Bucaresti. In the evening we had dinner with Arthur, at Hanu'lui Manuc, interesting architecture.


Sept. 27. We drove to Calarassi, staying at the Hotel Hestia, near the Danube, for a wedding (with such a loud music, as usual) on D'all Class resort on the 28th.


Sept. 29. Drive to Parcul Ciuperca in Tulcea, very romantic. (200 km - 3 hrs)


Sept. 30. Driving South to Port Jurilovca, with a stop at Cetatea Enisala. We rented a small but fast motor boat to Guta Portitei, a well visited holiday resort on a sand bank on the black sea.

On the way back, we visited citatea Orgame (remnants of an impressive greek settelment).

We drove back to our friends at Verada Tour Guest House, such a welcome and such a nice place.


Oct. 1. Visit of the Delta on a Verada Tour boat with our guide Claudio. Such an experience (5.5 hours, 180 km (sounds too much, but Google maps confirms that a straight line from Tulcea to Sulina is 70km).


Oct.2 Drive to Constanta (230 km, 3h with stops in Babadag and Cetatea Histria).


Oct.3. Visiting with the family in Constanta and dinner at the City Park Mall


Oct. 4. Dinner with L above Tomis then drove to her appartment above Waves beach.


Oct. 5. Drive to Bucaresti (230 km, 2h30), mostly freeway, crossed the Danube on an impressive  truss bridge complex (with the railroad). Dinner with C. and sons at Trattoria il Calcio Ateneu.


Oct. 6. More visits of the city and old town (Historical Museum, more pictures of the treasure and the fabulous Thinker and Sitting Woman (6'000-6'5000 years old), drove to the Museum of the Romanian Peasant (where we had an interesting lunch).

Dinner with C. at the wunderful Zexe.


Oct. 7. Drive to Râmnicu Vâlcea (200 km, 3h, over Curtea de Arges). Dinner with C at the La Trattoria


Oct. 8. Visiting friends and family. Dinner at The Castel with C.


Oct. 9 Lunch with A&M at D'Amici. Then drove to Brezoi where A&M are building their dream house.

Oct. 10th: R&T and C. fly  to Bern (drive to Burcaresti (190 km, 2h30) and return rental car.









Reduce picts from delta

Local souvenirs (on the right, patrol boat in Constant'a)