Dyneema running backstay
Dyneema running backstay

On the left, 5 mm Dyneema (about 2T resistance) with end block.

In the middle, 4 mm Dyneema (top running backstay)

On the right, 3 mm Dyneema (baby running backstay).

How strong is this ?
How strong is this ?

I have tried to "knit" (or weave) a Dyneema loop into a running strand.

I was told that the strength would not be reliable. I have seen a video where they test the resistance of a 20mm (I guess) of Dyneema and it broke at the junction of the loop. It seems that bending the strands builds a weak point as the traction on the loop increases.

Utilisation du Dyneema - (C) R. Dadoo Bach
Exemples de montages avec du Dyneema, gaine pure
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