Le site de René Bach

Mes expériences et mes intérêts

Experiences and my interests

Historical evolution (of this Dadoo.ch website ; nothing to do with history nor Darwin)

a) This site started with the aim to invite interested persons to join me sailing (in French, my monther tongue). The site was extended with more information about sailing, description of sailing experiences and cruising, and techniques.

b) In a second step, I extended the site to include topics of my interests (climate and archeology). These pages are mostly in English.

c) In a third step, I started using the site to document our, hopefully, interesting journeys.


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List of blogs (using Google's Blogger.com) :
2023 Voyage au Lubéron, Marseille, Aix, Sisteron et les Alpes (blog)

2023 Trip to North of France (Metz, Nancy, Luxemburg, Bastogne), blog.

2022 Participation au tour du Finistère

2022 Our trip to Romania 2022