July 8th. Driving from Hòtel de la mer (Trébeurden) to the Cairn of Barnenez and then to les Enclos Paroissiaux of Saint-Thégonnec and Guimiliau. And then to Port-la-Forêt where many famous sailors keep their boat.


Our hôtel (Trébeurden) in the evening fog (humid hot air mixing with cold air). Our dinner and the morning view on strange animals.

Barnenez: an impressive Cairn: a huge pile of stones (72x25x9 meters)- Some building entrepreneur stole tons of rocks from the monument. He was fined but he revealed a few tombs which we otherwise could not visit. Blueprint of the tombs (not accessible to the public).

The monument is 6500 years old. Engravings (not visible to the public). The last two slides show two building technics (voute and horizotal slabs: interestigly both were used simultaneously). 
Copies taken during the projection of a video in the visitor center.

Plouezoc'h church, built in 1642. We saw it next to the road and just stopped. More pictures.