Last part of our trip.  Port-la-Forêt, Carnac and Vannes. Last stop for the night was at Vitré, followed by the drive home.

We stayed two nights. We visited the harbor and saw offshore racing boats (a number of IMOCA and Macif, one of the maxi trimarans skippered by François Gabbard). Impressive is an understatement.

Above: the JPK was brought to her element and moved to a dock. We sailed for half a day. Different IMOCAs and Class40 , some still without foil, some with. The "honeycomb" boat is being masted (lasted over a couple of hours) and it belonged to Alex Thompson. 

The last picts is of a boat we will be renting in September in La Grande Motte (as I write this in August).


We went sailing for half a day and when we got back, our cars were gone. The parking lot had been taken over by a large market. After a while we could talk to the local policeman and we were told where, how and when we could recover our cars. The no parking signs were permanent with just a written notice in very small characters. Grrrrrr-. We recovered our cars the next day without further hassle.

Carnac alignments, erected between 4000 and 3300 BCE. Only opened

to guided tours. I could not find a sastifactory explanation to these prodigious alignments. 

Interesting website about Megaliths

After Carnac, we wanted to get to Gavrinis. Unfortunately, there was no more space on the boat to that island. We then drove to Vannes.