April 22. Les Marécottes to Montélimar

Drizzle, fresh, then some sun, cool.

228 km,  

Nice drive through La Forclaz and Les Montets passes. The Mont-Blanc was cloudy. We stopped in Valence and in Montelimar. We stayed at La Mère Biquette for the night


Les Drus and the Mont-Blanc (on the left on the right pic ;-) ).

Valence: the Maison des Têtes (XVI sec.), le Pendentif (1548) and the Cathédrale Saint-Apollinaire (1095 ; 17th cent.)

Montélimar: Chateau des Adhémar and nearby abbaye

April 23, from La Mère Biquette to Le Pontet (Avignon)

198 km,  9h (including visits).

We drove to Alba la Romaine then to La Roche, quaint little village, we liked it a lot, 

Then to the copy of Grotte Chauvet (where we purchsed ticket to a later visit, as it was sold out) and drove to Pont d'Arc (on the Ardèche) and Aven d'Orgnac (no tickets available - Easter period) where we visited the museum, very nice. Drove back to Chauvet 2, extraordinary then to Residella House (best quality price), from where we drove 3 minutes to  Les 3 Brasseurs (ok meal).


Alba la Romaine and a nearby village: La Roche, very well restaured.

Ardèche canyon, Pont d'Arc and to natural entrance of the Aven d'Orgnac (visits were sold out, but we  came back at the end of our trip.