This series shows the evolution of Homo sapiens artefact and places them on the timeline. The mueum starts witht the Mousterian (Moustérien)  period. It existed from 200'000 to 20'000). The choice of dates depends on the definition and the geography. It defines the latter part of the Middle Paleolithic. It is associated with the Neanderthal and Homo sapiens. The emergence of H.  sapiens is a topic on it own.

The Lower Paleolithic is illustrated on the next picture (1 Mo to 100'000 years indicated here).

The next picture shows specimen from the Middle Paleolithic  (100'000-35'000 and 200'000-35'000 are indicated here), Open the link to get a detailed explanation.

Upper Paleolithic  with delicate arrow heads (on the red background) is shown next.

Final Neolithic rounds up the series and places the finds  on display within the local context.